Our Services


  • Total Protein and BVD testing
  • Comprehensive vaccination program
  • Dehorning practices using local anesthesia
  • Treatment protocols with veterinary oversight


Feed & Nutrition

  • Milk replacer fed 3 times a day
  • Textured starter grain beginning on arrival
  • Calves doubling their weight in first 60 days
  • Emphasis on early rumen development
  • Quality forages and custom balanced TMR
  • Individual growth monitoring at 5 weighings


  • AI breeding
  • Individual dairies determine sire choice
  • AI24 heat detection technology
  • Ultrasound pregnancy checks at 30 and 60 days

Springing Heifers

  • Professional foot trimming
  • Average 22-23 months at first calving


General Operations

  • Modern facilities with bio-secure environment
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Electronic cow records with weekly updates
  • Detailed health, weight, and breed history